What WordPress Theme is that? – 3 Ways to Find Out

What WordPress theme is that? This question came to your mind when you saw a beautiful WordPress website and want to know which theme the website is using. Let’s find out the three ways to get the information about a WordPress theme.

What WordPress theme is that? – Table of Contents

  1. Using an online theme detector
  2. Check website’s footer
  3. Checking the page source/code

Using an Online Theme Detector

Go to http://www.webtechdetector.com/, and insert the URL in the text field.

What WordPress Theme Is That

The best thing about this tool is that it can also extract information about the plugins using a WordPress website and technology a website is using. Hit the “SEARCH” button.

which theme wordpress website is using

Well seems like, WPPARSE is using Good News theme from XplodedThemes. You can get this theme from here if you are fascinating to have a design like WPPARSE.

Some sites leave the credit section as it is but mostly they remove the credits from the footer. Again, I’m going to take an example from WPPARSE’s theme.

If you don’t find footer credits, use the other methods mentioned here to get the theme’s name.

Checking the Page Source/Code

The third way is by checking the source code of the website. I’m using Google Chrome so right click and select “View page source” from the menu or simply use the short-key “CTRL+U“. You’ll have a page like:

Now, use the keyboard’s short-key “CTRL+F” and search for “wp-content/themes“.

Now, we have found the theme’s name “goodnews“, but still we don’t know from where I got the theme. Right?

Simply go to the URL http://www.wpparse.com/wp-content/themes/goodnews/style.css, and that’s it. Replace www.wpparse.com to your desired domain name.

Now you know how to get theme name from any WordPress website. Have any question? Drop the comment below.

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